How i paid $14,431 in the student elephant (until graduation)

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When I was a junior in the spring of 2012, I added a gigantic, dermatory, reconceived purpose at my.

In October 2012, I made my first payment by taking off my debt trip …

And March 13, 2013-simple.

In this post I will tell you my story, including how I repay my debts. After that, I will give you additional strategies that you can use to minimize your own debt and start paying.

An average student student.

My parents told me, long before I graduated high school, that I was in my own college. They simply didn’ t have the money to pay for it (though they helped me with some personal expenses, such as car insurance and my phone bill, for which I am very grateful) ..

So I spent the last two years in high school applying.By the time I entered Iowa for the first time in a year, I got enough scholarships to pay for all my training, plus a few extra bucks for books and royalties. Me.

Why? It’s all in the room and board. You see, I was sure I was.

I see that I should have just asked to pay for my dorm in a month’s installments (

There was no reason not to do it, except I didn’ t think about it. I made a typical mistake of having problems in my future, and I started spending all my money on my computer installation and other random smelting …

As I said earlier in the section above, I did typical things for children in college-I put all my problems in my future …

But then it took me a little time to figure out how much interest would have to pay if I went along that route using.

See that line next to the bottom.

Now, even in my initial plan, I would probably pay more than the minimum payment of $50 /month. But I didn’ t want to pay.So, I’ve decided a little sauceIe. I’ve decided to ask myself a crazy time …

During my junior year, I decided to try.

Even though my debt was about $15 k, I thought it was doable …

I had about $6,000, saved from the summer internship I did with the director, and I was also the RA for the first semester of junior year, who kept me from paying for the room and board. So I figured I had a good chance of that. I just needed to figure out how to make a little more money …

That’s where the coding skills I taught myself after the high school came into my hands. Some of my contacts ended up in need of websites, so I jumped. At the end of the spring semester of my youngest year, I made about $3,000. It looked …

In February, one of my friends wrote on Facebook that he was going to Japan in the summer and wanted to know if anyone wanted to come …

I was never really out of the country, so I said, “Sure, let’ s go.“Now, to be honest, my trip to Japan was.

However, the flaw was that I was exhausted.

The visit to Japan was an excuse to reimpose my future burden. I have rationalized that the trip was an opportunity that will not happen again, and that my duty would always be for me to take care of the future …

After that summer was over, and I had no more of my huge savings account balance, I was a little discouraged. The senior years started, and I couldn’t honestly see how I was going to make about $15,000 in one school year. I was briefly thinking.

I was pretty burned myself, too, and I didn’ t know my prom plans were. I was in a way, to be honest …

But then something rocked …

Ironically, my big breakthrough is not something that just came up in my nose. In fact, what eventually helped me succeed was.

In the end, a thing that got me out of debt is something I’ve dreamed of for over a year, but it was impossible.When I started this site back in 2010, I had no idea about making money from him. In fact, I didn’ t even know it was possible …

I started this because I just wanted to write about what I did to succeed in college. I also thought it would look like it.

That’s how it’s been almost two years. “The Info Huck College” was constantly growing, and there was a lot of amazing stuff happening while I was working on it, and my writing job improved.

Then I ran into a blog called.

Thus, instead of selling your product or service, you help someone else to promote their products and get cut …

On the radio, you could hear the show hosts recommend a restaurant, and they always ended up with the offer: “Tell them that Dan and Bonnie sent you!”

Now (I don’t know if this is happening), imagine if the restaurant paid Dan and Bonnie $20 every time someone said they heard about the restaurant through their radio show. This is a partner marketing …

On the Internet, this is done by reference. If you are a branch for a product or service, you will have.

So it’s a winning win, just like Pat, because.

You’re happy to get a commission.
  • The business owner is happy to get a business that they wouldn’t have.
  • The customer is happy because you (the expert) pointed them to the product, which we hope will fill the zero.
  • Pat is also described.

    It only recommends products that it has.

    I also noticed that it is very.

    It was the main reason his website was frozen to me. I’ve seen a lot of other sites that try to hide the fact that they’re doing their response marketing – they’re mostly trying to trick people into buying things, not letting them know that they have a vested interest in promoting these things …

    Unlike these guys, Pat is always very clear-indeed, he puts a full account of every dollar he makes online every month. For this reason, I became a fan of his blog almost immediately …

    However, I did not know how to apply my strategy to my own blog. Most of my content is to study strategies, internships and other college topics. The productivity tools I’m talking about are mostly free.

    So, as I said, I’ve been looking forward to turning this blog into a job. I knew there were methods for this, but I don’t think they would be possible.

    Then, about a year ago, I realized it.

    I already recommended HostGator in this post-now I can just become a branch, and I hope to make some money from the work I have already done ..

    I have established myself as Pat-I have inserted my affiliate link in the guide to the creation of the site, and I have seen it.

    After the introductory part of the guide, I added the text of the waiver. I made sure that the readers knew that I recommended certain hosting-provider, that my recommendation was based on my own positive experience, and that this is certainly not the only option. I specifically said I was making money through my connections with this and

    I even put the whole thing in blue for it to withstand …

    I was worried that people would see the message and think I was somehow.

    Nevertheless, I wanted to be clear and honest, just like Pat. I respected him very much for the way he handled his case, and I certainly didn’ t want to be less clear about mine because I was afraid I was being called selling …

    People didn’ t care.That’s when I realized the obvious:

    The Pat put it slightly more eloquently:

    “Your earnings are a by-product of how useful your audience is.”-Pat Flynn.

    So, what are the results? Well, I’ll just say the numbers speak for themselves …

    So, at this point, I earn the full amount of income from the college Info Huck.

    Besides, my student debt is gone. Yeah, yeah, yeah.And the best part? Since the management of my site is not going anywhere-as new people can find it every day-I don’t have to worry all the time about getting sales. Which means I can focus on creating.

    My goal is not for every student in the world to build his own personal website. It’s just a small part of what I do. I want to help college students do anything:

    Learn more efficiently.
  • Encourage their skills and get the job they want.
  • Pay off the debt.Even though I do my own income, only falls into.
  • Oh, and before I do, I just need to give it.

    maybe. Probably not. Keep reading …

    I am not trying to say that this method will work for everyone. It’s not what you need …The thing is, it is.

    When I started college Info Geek, I had no intention of making money; in fact, I thought it was impossible. I looked at superstar bloggers at the time, Darren Rose, Michael Dunlop, and Alex Mannini (who was only 16 when he sold his first blog for $20,000)-and thought there was.

    And yet, here I am. After almost three years of work, it is incredibly difficult, focusing on the constantly perfected, and getting help from dozens of amazing people, I was able to pay off the debts.

    What does that mean to you? Does this mean you have to start a blog to try to repay your debt? Maybe not, even though I am.

    The path may not be understood right now (as you saw, it took me almost.

    Now that you know my story, I’d like to share a few other strategies that you can begin to implement.

    If you’re still in high school,

    It may not be your dream, but in four years, you’ll be free and even.

    If you’re in college now,

    The work on campus is perfect because they are usually easy and flexible in their class. You might even be able to find the one that lets you do your homework at work …

    For the most part, living on campus is rather expensive than finding an apartment off campus-

    If you are already alumni:.

    After you’ve all paid for it, you can leave the second job and rewire the debt …

    I shared my story and provided some strategies to remain without debt. Now it’s just for you.

    If you have a student debt-be it $100,000 or just $500-start taking measures.

    You don’t know how amazing it is to be free until you really find it. But

    ***************. Did this post inspire or help you with your own travel on debt? If yes, If you’re interested in learning more about how to pay off your debts, and being awesome at college as a whole, ***************.

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